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universal greases - Lubricating greases, silicone greases, synthetic greases

universal greases - Grease sticks

If you need a lubricant which stays at the friction point for a long, long time, there is only one solution: a universal greases. It is based on lubricating oil, thickener and additives. Its main characteristics include the following: Optimum drop point, good oxidation resistance, resistance towards fluids and steam, good temperature stability. But our greases offer a lot more: depending on the application, they are rapidly biodegradable, electro-conductive, resistant to ambient media, they protect against corrosion, have a high load-carrying capacity, are neutral towards materials, reduce noise, food-safe, ... products dry-lubricants business lubricants greases dampening greases switch greases traveller greases thermally conductive heat-conductive greases multi-purpose greases long-term greases Applications of universal greases: O-ring food grade lubricants food technology food processing machines food processing machinery food processing systems food processing plants plastic vacuum electric motor switches universal greases compressors water pumps packaging machinery packaging systems die pressure die-casting universal greases guideways rails seal extruder spindle gas compressor elastomer paper making machines paper making machinery universal greases eyepiece steel production steel making slabs planetary gear continuous casting printing machines printing machinery construction machines building machinery clutch master cylinder rotary kiln brake cylinder cement production glass making machines glass making machinery conveyors universal greases hydraulics hydraulic systems valves and fittings clean room extrusion CV joints packaging machines window lifter spherical plain bearing linear motion guides sintered bearing rolling bearings joint ring sealing ring sliding bearings plain bearings calender universal greases continuous press points free-wheel mechanism mitre gear bevel gear hollow ware round glass gear rim girth gear ball screw small gears wheel flange two-mass flywheel plug-in connection laminate press large gears lens objective thread

Universal greases

Characteristics of universal greases and lubricating greases

food-grade eco-friendly environmentally-friendly biodegradable scourable media resistant corrosion protection anticorrosive wear protection antiwear unavoidable food contact occasional food contact avoiding friction reducing friction low-friction environment certified FDA recognized food grade UH-1 certified USDA-H1 certified NSF H1 certified universal greases óleos minerais óleos lubrificantes