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With the matic FG lubricant dispenser it is now possible to hygenically and accurately dispense lubricating grease to machinery in the food and pharmaceutical industries with no risk of contamination. The dispenser can be mounted over almost all machine elements including rolling and plain bearings, chains, open gears and guideways. The matic FG lets you decide how much lubricant to distribute – depending on the type of activating screw you insert you can deliver 100 cm3 of lubricant over either 1, 3 or 6 months. The lubricant dispenser is made entirely of plastic and other corrosion-resistant materials. This makes it ideal for use in wet production areas or even under water. But a state-of-the-art dispenser is only as good as the lubricant. In the example shown on the left, the synthetic synth UH1 food-grade grease is used which is suitable for a wide variety of applications. This is just one of the many food-grade lubricants from which can lead to lower lubricant consumption, longer relubrication intervals and thus a reduction in operating costs – and this even where contact with food is technically unavoidable.


productos MICROLUBE lubricante ralfa rplus Lubrication rfood WOLFRAKOTE silvertex ISOFLEX GRAFLOSCON rquiet rdur rbio rcast rspeed rpharma rrail rplex rpaste Summit BARRIERTA rcut Madol rtec grasa rlectric rfood madol rmatic rlub rfluid asonic rtherm rpress rbeta silvertex roil STABURAGS rtop rtemp rsynth summit rplast rgrease With this new synthetic food-grade grease agricultural operators can now lubricate rolling bearings in machines and installations used in the manufacture of grain, animal feeds and meal. food NH1 grease contains no raw materials of animal origin. It thus complies with the directives governing the use of BSE risk materials, explicitly the EC directive 2000/418/EG as well as the changed guideline 94/474/EG.


Say goodbye to brown spots, with a water-miscible mould release agent for aluminium pressure diecasting. For large, heavy cast parts and high mould temperatures. Creates high quality parts with an even, mat surface finish. ISOFLEX ASONIC STABURAGS MICROLUBE GRAFLOSCON BARRIERTA WOLFRAKOTE Madol Silvertex Summit alfa beta bio dur fluid lub oil plex quiet speed synth cast cut food grease lectric matic paste pharma plast plus press rail tec temp therm top

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alfa beta bio dur fluid lub oil plex quiet speed synth cast cut food grease lectric matic paste pharma plast plus press rail tec temp therm top Applications for products: food grade lubricants food technology food processing machines food processing machinery food processing systems food processing plants plastic vacuum electric motor switches gear compressors water pumps conveyors graphite hydraulics hydraulic systems valves and fittings clean room extrusion CV joints packaging machines packaging machinery packaging systems die pressure die-casting guides guideways rails seal extruder spindle gas compressor elastomer paper making machines paper making machinery ocular eyepiece steel production steel making slabs planetary gear continuous casting printing machines printing machinery construction machines building machinery clutch master cylinder rotary kiln brake cylinder cement production glass making machines glass making machinery window lifter spherical plain bearing linear motion guides sintered bearing rolling bearings joint ring sealing ring sliding bearings plain bearings calender conti-press continuous press points free-wheel mechanism mitre gear bevel gear hollow ware round glass gear rim girth gear ball screw small gears wheel flange two-mass flywheel plug-in connection laminate press large gears lens objective thread


Prevents squeaking and rattling - high-temperature long-term and lifetime lubricating greases suitable for ball joints in clutch master and slave cylinders. Highly viscous base oils and additives ensure excellent adhesion and damping properties on ferrous metals and plastics along with efficient wear and corrosion protection. The optional UV indicator allows thin-film lubrication which can be detected with a UV light source.


food-grade eco-friendly environmentally-friendly biodegradable scourable media resistant corrosion protection anticorrosive wear protection antiwear avoiding friction reducing friction low-friction environmentally certified environment certification UH-1 certified USDA-H1 certified NSF H1 certified FDA recognized unavoidable food contact occasional food contact óleos minerais óleos lubrificantes